Foxborough, Mass.

The area now known as Foxborough was inhabited by native americans before the colonists arrived as early as 1704. In 1778, the town was incorporated and named for the Honorable Charles James Fox.

Often refered to as "The Gem Of Norfolk County", Foxborough is located equidistant from Boston, MA, and Providence, RI.

Finance / Revenue

What Are The Tax Rates?

Commercial, Industrial, & Personal Property: $15.13 per $1,000

Residential: $14.54 per $1,000

What Is Tax Increment Financing (TIF)?

It is a tool used to try to stimulate business growth and job creation. By granting tax incentives to businesses, municipalities hope to attract and retain businesses while trying to accomplish goals vital for the municipality including - but not limited to - increasing employment rates, uilizing vacant buildings or property, and upgrade local infrastructure.

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Neighborhoods In Foxborough

Lakeview, Donkeyville, Paineburg, Quaker Hill, Morseville, Foxvale, and Powderhouse are some of the older neighborhoods in town.

Cannon Forge, Witch Pond, Governor's Meadow, and Highland Farm, Chestnut Green are a few of the newer developments.