Foxborough, Mass.

The area now known as Foxborough was inhabited by native americans before the colonists arrived as early as 1704. In 1778, the town was incorporated and named for the Honourable Charles James Fox.

Often refered to as "The Gem Of Norfolk County", Foxborough is located equidistant from Boston, MA, and Providence, RI.

What Is Planning?

Planning involves looking at multiple aspects of what comprises a community and figuring out the desired types and quantity of development to occur within that community and how best to achieve those goals through zoning and other means. Aspects to analyze include financial needs, infrastructure, conservation, recreation, transportation, residential, retail, and industrial uses and growth, and more.

Planning Information


Foxborough Committees

General Economic, Evironmental, and Other Related Studies & Sites

Found online and not comprehensive.

The Former Foxborough State Hospital

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  • Taxes Generated For Town (meals, rooms, property, etc.)
  • State Revenue Generated & Local Aid Distribution amounts.
  • Mitigation money (town, neighbors)
  • Mitigation Type (town, neighbors, noise abatement, light dampening, etc.)
  • Water and Sewer Requirements and Needs
  • Crime (addiction, DUI, prostitution, etc.)
  • Noise
  • Lights
  • Public Services (Fire, Police, School)
  • Traffic (increase, accidents)
  • Transportation (Route 1, Rail, Main Arteries, Side Roads)
  • Houses/Apartments/Mobile Homes (Current Stock, Full Build-out Potential, Location)
  • Character (small town, Patriot Place, Route 1, Chestnut Green, The "Gem" of Norfolk County, Foxborough State Hospital/Massachusetts Hospital for Dipsomaniacs & Inebriates, Town Common, Straw Hat Capital of the World, Bay State Raceway, New England Harness Raceway, Foxboro Raceway, home to the New England Patriots and New England Revolution, New England Tea Men, Shaeffer Stadium, Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro Stadium, CMGI Field, Gillette Stadium, F. Gilbert Hills State Forest, Harold B. Clark Town Forest)
  • Labor Force (existing local unemployed, local percentage hire requirement, influx of new people, commuters)
  • Flora (Water requirements, dimensions, number, type, location)
  • Schools Needs
  • Supporting Business Development (relocation, expanding, new)

Neighborhoods In Foxborough

Lakeview, Donkeyville, Paineburg, Quaker Hill, Morseville, Foxvale, and Powderhouse are some of the older neighborhoods in town.

Cannon Forge, Witch Pond, Governor's Meadow, and Chestnut Green are a few of the newer developments.

What Is Chapter 40B?

Chapter 40B is a state statute, which enables local Zoning Boards of Appeals to approve affordable housing developments under flexible rules if at least 20-25% of the units have long-term affordability restrictions.

Chapter 40

Chapter 40 of the Massachusetts General Laws contains many provisions to consider when planning future growth. Some oft mentioned and utilized sections are 40B (REGIONAL PLANNING), 40L (AGRICULTURAL INCENTIVE AREAS), 40R (SMART GROWTH ZONING AND HOUSING PRODUCTION), 40O (BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICTS), and . Find them at TitleVII.

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